Barbara is a seasoned Licensed Optician and Office Manager. She likes what she does. She will take very good care of you and hook you up with a stellar pair of specs. She will tell you honestly if you look hot in them… or maybe not so much. She may make you laugh. She will never make you cry. When she’s not here working her magic, she’s taking road trips and hugging her cats against their will. She makes jewelry and fantastic oatmeal choco-chunk pecan cookies and mediocre lasagna. She’s glad to be at Eyeballs!


apprentice optician

Zands is our apprentice optician. Having spent 6 years in the optical world she relishes in the joy that comes with helping clients select a great pair of stylish glasses. She loves art and the great outdoors. On nice days, she will often be collecting shells and rocks by the ocean, and on rainy days home reading a new manga.


Nathaniel is our operations coordinator. Nathaniel couldn’t be happier to join the eyeballs staff! He loves seeing how a new pair of eyes makes all the difference in people’s lives and looks forward to working with the eyeballs clientele as they navigate their eye care needs. As an avid outdoorsman he loves nothing more than escaping to the mountains, forests, and lakes in this incredible place we call home.


SK, our administrative technician, loves living in the Pacific Northwest! He enjoys urban exploring, sunny days outdoors, and deejaying. His love for well-curated aesthetic makes him a great help when selecting frames that match & enhance your personal style. While you might not see him around the office much during business hours, his work behind the scenes keeps our office running smoothly!