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Eyeglass Frames

At Eyeballs, we think of ourselves as design detectives, and we are ready for any case. We love great design, and we work with mant small, independent designers as well as the best of the rest. Offering beautiful frames in many price categories, we’ll help you find a great look for a great price.

Eyeglass Lenses

Today’s great free form lens technology allows us to offer crystal clear, thin, lightweight lenses with less distortion than ever before. We offer many quality lens options based on your prescription, frame selection and personal preferences.  We also work with more than one lab and several lens manufacturers in order to offer you the widest selection possible in great lens products.

Contact Lenses

We make sure to have the most up-to-date contact lens technology available to our patients. Whether it be daily disposable contact lenses, monthlies, or rigid gas permeable lenses, we can get the right lens for you! We also offer a range of cosmetic contact lenses including circle lenses, colored lenses, decorative lenses, and fashion lenses. We fit and offer most brands.