• Eyeballs Store Front

At Eyeballs, we make shopping for new eyeglasses fun! We don’t like glass cases and we encourage lots of browsing. Our largest frame wall is covered from ceiling to floor with cool frames. Don’t worry, we provide the step stool. you’ll also find drawers galore full of fabulous frames; feel free to pull them out and dig in! We have mirrors too – round ones, square ones, extendable ones, floor length ones, and portable ones. Already have a frame you love? We can put new lenses in those, too!

We also provide optometry services including comprehensive eye exams, contact lens evaluations, foreign body removal, LASIK consultations and referrals as well as monitoring eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and dry eye syndrome. If you have a problem with your eyeballs, vision-wise or medical, give us a call!

  • Seattle Center

We’re conveniently located in the Lower Queen Anne / Uptown neighborhood of Seattle, just north of Seattle Center – come by and check out our eclectic selection of stylish frames!  For your convenience, we have free customer parking behind our building.